Pieces of Irish

Some Pieces in the Irish (Gaelic) Langauge

Cúpla focal as Ghaeilge

Rosc Catha na Mumhan - A poem in Irish by Piaras Mac Gearailt

Holy Cross Abbey, Clonmel

Poem about Holy Cross Abbey , near Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Holy Cross Abbey, Clonmel

This is a very old poem singing the praises of Howth (Beann Éadair) near Dublin



A few nice lines from the Enya song Ebudae

Notes on letters in the Irish alphabet.

A few nice phrases in Irish.

Have a look at some striking similarities between the Urdu and Irish languages:

Like to see a Japanese sutra in Irish?

Like to see numerals 1 to 10 in Irish (Gaeilge)?

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