Poem about Holy Cross Abbey

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Holy Cross Abbey, Clonmel

Holy Cross Abbey, near Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Some lines written by a pilgrim to Holy Cross Abbey c. 1450

"Teach naomh na n-easlan d'fheithimh,

Saor gach easlan na fhochair;

Mairg fear don tigh nach tuitigh,

Teach earthimh gach fhir othair.


Eaglais cheart croiche an Choimdheadh,

Na bhfeart gcloiche is na gcomhradh,

Sloigh aingeal ag a hadhradh,

Daingean anamh, roimh roghlan."


(Thou art the Holy House for care of the sick,

Saved is every sick man who enters thee;

Woe to all who frequent not that house,

The house which cares for all sufferers.


The true Church of the Lord's cross,

with its stone monuments and coffins,

And hosts of angels in recurrence,

Is a fort, a Sanctuary for Souls.)


Inscription on a wall outside the Abbey:



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