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A nice turn of phrase in Irish:

"Ag deireadh thiarr thall" ... meaning: "At the end of the day"

"Ag bogadh ar aghaidh" ... meaning: "Going forward"

"Idir an dá linn, ..." ... meaning: "In the meantime, ..."

Ná bíodh lagmhisneach ort ..." ... meaning: "Don't be discouraged ..."

Here is a nice example of alliteration in Gaelic (Gaeilge), which I picked it up recently in an article the Irish Times (January 2009). This type of alliteration is very common in Gaeilge:

"…. Focail áirithe nach féidir leat iad a rá; smaointe fírinneacha ar muca magadh meige iad; siúicre á leathadh ar an bhfírinne shearbh …."

This is my translation of it in English:

"… Certain words you cannot say; they are truthful thoughts on mocking bleating pigs; sugar that is spread on the cutting truth …"

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