Experience as an engineer

Software development in control engineering

  • As an engineer I was primarily involved in software development in
    control engineering in the process industries and in computer manufacturing

  • Computer operating system programming for process control applications

  • On-site start-up of a computer controlled ice cream factory in Italy - Gelati Motta, Ferentino

  • Programming of computer control system for a large dairy - Toni Molkerei, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Start-up of the Toni Molkerei dairy control system software in Switzerland

  • Programming of computer control system for a large brewery -
    Northern Clubs Federated Brewery in Newcastle, UK



  • Engineering liaison in Switzerland, United Kingdom and France

  • Technical course lecturer

  • General software development activities

  • System programmer for process data processing

       Tank farm      

Conceptual and analytical work in the development of software for the
control of a variety of machines, instruments and plants

  Industrial robot    

Writing control software for production machines and plants

Development of a control system for suspension conveyors for materials handling in a spray shop. The software was implemented on a control computer based on the Z-80 microprocessor using Pascal and a multitasking operating system.
 Spray shop     

The integration of a spray robot system and its peripheral equipment into the overall control system for the spraying plant. Design of software modules for operating a robot interface and for controlling the feeding arrangement in the spraying plant. The modules were written in Z-80 assembler run on a graph interpreter.
   Spray robot      

Working on the design of a machine to measure and check the contours
of printed circuit boards, and drawing up the system software for the
entire test system. The system comprised the X-Y positioning of a
table and a vision system.
   Printed circuit board   

Similarly structured project work on the automation of
a test rig for needle printer heads and engineering an
industrial robot station for keyboard key engraving.
   Needle printer      Computer keyboard  

Software development with MS-DOS and UNIX operating systems
using the programming language "C"

Writing and putting into operation program modules for controlling
a conveyor system for assembling and testing computer monitors

        Computer monitor

Drawing up software concepts and application programs for use
in a production cell for device nameplates
         Device nameplate

On panels for interviewing candidates applying for full Membership of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE, UK).

The panel interviewed candidates in Germany

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