Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "B18"

Bodeneinheit (Would you like to see an explanatory image and English terms for Bodeneinheit >>)

Bogen bend (in a pipe), curve, arc, sheet (of paper), arm (machine part), bow (and arrow)
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bohren drill, bore
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Bohrloch (gas exploration) well/borehole, (oil exploration) wellhead, (into a well) down-hole, (in a well) downhole, (on electronics boards) assembly bore, hole, drill hole, drilled hole, bore hole

Bordmasse vehicle ground

Bordnetz (trains) auxiliary power system, vehicle electrical distribution system, vehicle on-board electrical system, vehicle electrical system, on-board power system, on-board power supply, power supply, main power system, onboard network, wiring system, in-car electronics, a vehicle's electrical system
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Here is a short topical few words in glossary format in German and English on photovoltaic systems and structures for supporting solar panels on building roofs.

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