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Solar Panels Glossary (Solartechnik) in German and English (Deutsch und Englisch)

A glossary of terms for solar panels and support structures for photovoltaic installations on building roofs

This glossary deals with support structures for securing solar panels on building roofs, and the problems of weight, roof penetration and withstanding high winds and storms.


Glossar für Montagesysteme für Photvoltaikanlagen bzw. Solarsysteme

The glossary is arranged in alphabetical order.

To access it click the appropriate letter in the table below:


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"D1" "D2" "E" "F" "G1" "G2"
"H" "I" "K" "L" "N" "P"
"R1" "R2" "S1" "S2" "S3" "T1"
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