Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "A15"

angezogenes Relais pulled-in relay, energised relay, a relay is energized, activated relay, triggered relay, closed relay

anheben increased, raise, lift, lift up, hoist, jack up (a car), elevating

ankippen tilt, tilting, tip, tipping, open window half-way

Anlage (software) entry, creation, (copy) annex, Annex, (legal, contract) appendix (plural: appendices), Addendum, (commercial) Enc, (correspondence) enclosure, (electrical) installations and plants, factory, plant, facility, installation, process system, device, machine, computer system, system
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Anlagenreinigung plant cleaning, system cleaning, cleaning procedure, cleaning of lines and equipment, clean-up, cleaning the installation, cleaning the equipment, module cleaning, sanitizing pipes and systems

Anlaufsperre drive cut-out, interlock, start interlock, start inhibit, restart interlock, restart lock, lock, restart disable, start disable, starting lockout (drives), start lockout (drives), prevents running

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