Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "A30"

ausreißen be torn out, tear out, tearing, pull, pull out, rip out, ripped out, shear off

ausschaltet switch off, switches off, turns off, powers off, (motor) cutting out, cuts out (drive), shut down (plant), eliminates (effect), cuts off (power supply), disables (procedure)

Ausschlag deviation, deflection, deflect, excursion

Ausschnitt (document) excerpt, extract (document), cut-out, section, detail, pane (in a figure in a document), portion (view), sample (activities), view (of an image), segment

Ausschuss (Would you like to see English terms for Ausschuss >> and a sample translation in German and English?)

Aussenanschluss external connection (electrical), exterior connection, input connector, terminal, external socket, external port, outdoor connectors, outdoor signals, external line (telephone)

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