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Glossary - Glossar

The glossary is arranged in alphabetical order.

To access it click the appropriate letter in the table below:

"A1" "A2" "A3" "A4" "A5" "A6"
"A7" "A8" "A9" "A10" "A11" "A12"
"A13" "A14" "A15" "A16" "A17" "A18"
"A19" "B1" "B2" "B3" "B4" "B5"
"B6" "B7" "B8" "B9" "B10" "B11"
"B12" "C" "D1" "D2" "D3" "D4"
"D5" "D6" "D7" "E1" "E2" "E3"
"E4" "E5" "E6" "E7" "E8" "E9"
"E10" "F1" "F2" "F3" "F4" "F5"
"F6" "F7" "F8" "F9" "G1" "G2"
"G3" "G4" "G5" "G6" "H1" "H2"
"H3" "I1" "I2" "I3" "I4" "I5"
"J" "K1" "K2" "K3" "K4" "K5"
"K6" "K7" "L1" "L2" "L3" "L4"
"L5" "L6" "L7" "L8" "L9" "M1"
"M2" "M3" "M4" "M5" "M6" "M7"
"M8" "N1" "N2" "N3" "N4" "O"
"P1" "P2" "P3" "P4" "P5" "P6"
"P7" "P8" "P9" "P10" "P11" "P12"
"P13" "P14" "Q1" "Q2" "R1" "R2"
"R3" "R4" "S1" "S2" "S3" "S4"
"S5" "S6" "S7" "S8" "S9" "S10"
"S11" "S12" "S13" "S14" "S15" "S16"
"S17" "S18" "S19" "T1" "T2" "T3"
"T4" "T5" "T6" "U1" "U2" "U3"
"U4" "V1" "V2" "V3" "V4" "V5"
"V6" "V7" "W1" "W2" "W3" "Z1"
"Z2" "Z3" "Z4" "Z5"

A termbase is availabe containing mechanical, electrical and other engineering terms.


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