Truck Parts Glossary in German and English (Deutsch und Englisch)

A glossary of terms for parts for trucks (commerical vehicles)

Glossar Nutzfahrzeugtechnik

This glossary contains German-English terminology for the truck parts industry. References are made in the glossary to other related fields, as well. These fields include Trains, Solar Energy, Measurement and Control, Sensors, Electronics, and the like.

Dieses Glossar enthält deutsch-englische Terminologie für die Nutzfahrzeugindustrie. Im Glossar finden sich auch Verweise auf andere verwandte Bereiche. Zu diesen Bereichen gehören Züge, Solarenergie, Mess- und Regeltechnik, Sensoren, Elektronik und dergleichen.

The glossary is arranged in alphabetical order.

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"B7" "B8" "D1" "D2" "D3" "D4"
"D5" "D6" "E1" "E2" "E3" "E4"
"E5" "F1" "F2" "F3" "F4" "F5"
"F6" "F7" "F8" "G1" "G2" "G3"
"G4" "G5" "G6" "G7" "H1" "H2"
"H3" "H4" "H5" "I" "K1" "K2"
"K3" "K4" "K5" "K6" "K7" "K8"
"L1" "L2" "L3" "L4" "L5" "L6"
"L7" "L8" "M1" "M2" "M3" "N1"
"N2" "N3" "P1" "P2" "P3" "P4"
"R1" "R2" "R3" "R4" "R5" "S1"
"S2" "S3" "S4" "S5" "S6" "S7"
"S8" "S9" "S10" "S11" "S12" "S13"
"S14" "S15" "S16" "S17" "S18" "S19"
"S20" "S21" "T1" "T2" "T3" "T4"
"U1" "U2" "U3" "V1" "V2" "V3"
"V4" "V5" "V6" "V7" "V8" "V9"
"W1" "W2" "W3" "Z1" "Z2" "Z3"

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