Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "D8"

Druckerhöhungspumpe booster pump, pressure booster pump, pressure booster, booster pump system

Druckintervall pressure range, pressure interval, print interval, printing interval, printout interval, interval

Druckkraft compressive force, (der Druckkraft von Beton) the compressive strength of concrete, pull pressure, pressure force, compression, thrust, force, the force exerted by, applied force, printing pressure, pressure

Druckluftnetz compressed-air pipe system, compressed air system, compressed air network, compressed air net, compressed air line, pressurised air network, compressed-air ductwork system, compressed air supply, compressed air supply system

Druckprüfung pressure test, pressure testing, hydostatic pressure test, hydostatic test, pneumatic test, hydraulic pressure test, pressure check, testing the piping

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