Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "D6"

Doppelscheibe double roller (for holding transparencies in an overhead projector), double pulley, roller, double glazed window, double glazing, twin disc pad (brakes), double pane (window), double disc, double wheel (grinder)

Drahtantenne wire antenna, wire aerial

Drahtseilzug pulley, wire rope, wire rope hoist

Drehmomentabstützung torque supporting element, torque support, torque arm, torque pin, torque restraint, (Fixierscheibe zur Drehmomentabstützung) torque support washer, torque bearing, torque limiter, backdriving torque

Drehmomentausgang torque output

Drehmomentmessnabe (Would you like to see an explanatory image and English terms for Drehmomentmessnabe >>)

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