Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "B7"

Bemusterung sampling, provision of samples, providing samples, samples, sample inspection, making patterns, examining samples, (zur Bemusterung, for sampling purposes), testing, prototype
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benachbart neighboring, nearby, adjacent, in the immediate vicinity of, near, being a neighbour, closely related (organisations), contiguous, be a neighbour to (place), in the neighbourhood of, are close together

benetzt wetted, wets, wetting (parts), wet, moistened (dust), covered with a liquid, wetted by a liquid, a liquid is added, a liquid is applied, absorb a liquid

Benutzungsoberfläche user interface, graphical user interface (GUI), user front-end, interface

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berechnen (commercial) charged, invoice, levy a charge on, impose charges for, charge fees for, obtain the amount for; computed, calculate, test
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