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Glossar-Messgeräte Deutsch-Englisch, Measurement Instruments , German English Glossary

Process Control - Verfahrenstechnik, Messtechnik

This is a glossary from the field of measurement and control in process industries, referring to devices for flow, pressure, temperature and level measurement, etc.

The glossary is arranged in alphabetical order.

To access it click the appropriate letter in the table below:

A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6
A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12
A13 A14 A15 B1 B2 B3
B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9
B10 B11 D1 D2 D3 D4
D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10
D11 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5
E6 E7 E8 E9 E10 E11
E12 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11
F12 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5
G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11
H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6
H7 I1 I2 I3 K1 K2
K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8
K9 K10 K11 K12 K13 K14
L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 M1
M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7
M8 M9 M10 M11 M12 M13
M14 N1 N2 N3 N4 O1
O2 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5
P6 P7 Q R1 R2 R3
R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12
S13 S14 S15 S16 S17 S18
S19 S20 S21 S22 S23 S24
S25 S26 S27 S28 S29 S30
S31 S32 T1 T2 T3 T4
T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 U1
U2 U3 U4 U5 U6 V1
V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
V8 V9 V10 V11 W1 W2
W3 W4 W5 Z1 Z2 Z3
Z4 Z5

Here is a termbase containing more terminology in German and English on Instrumentation, Measurement and Control (Mess- und Regeltechnik), and many other engineering and business topics: German/English engineering and business terminology database

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