Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "A14"

anfragezeichnung inquiry drawing, customer specification drawing, drawing

angefahren (NC) approached, travel to, (drives) actuated, started up (plant), start (pump), start (setpoint), reached (stopper), hit, call at stops (bus), move into (setpoint position), start production (plant)

angehoben raised, lifted, increased (commercial), is higher, improved (quality)

angeklickt clicked, ticked (options), ticked off (box), checked (box)

angemeldet pending, (e.g. Patent angemeldet, patent pending), (for a newsletter, business) registered, enrolled, signed in, to apply, declared (goods declared at customs), announced, logged on (IT), reported, notified, filed (for bankruptcy), filed (for a patent)

angeordnet put in place, installed, (übereinander angeordnet) stacked, arranged, disposed, positioned, located, ordained, (legal) mandated, (legal) ordered, (legal) commanded, (legal) stated
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angesehen contains, be, viewed, considered, deemed, seen, regarded

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