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Visual Basic Macros for Microsoft Word

At the moment I am writing Visual Basic macros for Word, and am developing my own Web pages in HTML code.

Macros are programs that run on Microsoft Word, for example. A macro can be written to do almost anything you can otherwise do manually in Word from the keyboard. They are particularly useful for carrying out repetitive tasks. They can be called with a shortcut from the keyboard or by clicking on a user-defined button in a toolbar. Even though some of the macro coding can be automated, there is still a lot of code you have to write manually.

Visual Basic is very different to other programming languages, and is quite difficult to code. It is, however, an excellent language for processing texts (i.e. written language). It gets slow if you are trying to process a lot of data. If your database is not too large, you can store the data in ordinary files, but with large amounts of data it is better to store the data in a database.

I've listed some of the macros I wrote myself, and which I use all the time. You might find it useful to kook at them to see how I've used Visual Basic commands. I've also started a small Visual Basic Tutorial, which I hope to build on by degrees. I will try to explain different aspects of programming in the tutorial.

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