Literature, Language and Art

Read some pieces of poetry and other writings in the Irish language (as Gaeilge)

Similarity between the Urdu/Hindi word "Kohinoor" and the Irish place name "Cnoc an ir" or "Knockanore"

A funny version of the children's nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Some basic Chinese:

See examples of how some words from other languages (mainly English) are integrated into Japanese >>

Like to see numerals 1 to 10 in Armenian?

Enjoy a few jokes and anecdotes with a technical bent, and have a few laughs

A short piece on the closure of a favourite Italian Café of mine: Gelateria Favretti - Dolchi e Cappuccini

View some Indian, French, Japanese, and other pieces of ART:

Sun Tower by Taro Okamoto in Osaka, erected for the 1970 Expo

Sun Tower by Taro Okamoto, Japanese artist

Maxims - short moral rules from Menander, a Greek classical writer.