Kohinoor and Cnoc an óir

Kohinoor and Cnoc an óir

The Urdu/Hindi word Kohinoor is similar to the Irish-Gaelic word Cnoc an óir. Cnoc means hill, óir or ór means gold or light. Kohinoor means mountain of light.

Kohinoor Diamond

C煤pla bliain 贸 shin (is m枚 na c煤pla bliain 茅 anois, dar n贸igh) th谩inigh m茅 ar teach t谩irne indiach i M眉nster sa Ghearm谩in. S茅 an t-ainm a bh铆 ar n谩: "Kohinoor". Sin 茅 "Berg des Lichtes" as Ghearm谩nach. T谩 m茅 a cheapadh gur "Cnoc an 贸r" 茅 sin as Ghaeilge! T谩 an-chos煤lacht idir na dh谩 teangacha anseo.

A few years ago (it's more than a few years ago now, actually) I came across an Indian restaurant in M眉nster in Germany called: "Kohinoor". The owner had translated it as "Berg des Lichtes" in German ("The mountain of light"). This would be "Cnoc an 贸r" in Irish, which I found to be very similar to the original in Urdu.

Meaning of the words Cnoc an 贸ir and Kohinoor

The Urdu word Kohinoor means "mountain of light", in Irish "cnoc an 贸r." Both sound very similar to one another, and the meaning of "cnoc an 贸r" is very similar to "mountain of light," Kohinoor. "贸r" normally means gold in Irish, but it may also indicate brightness or light? I felt the pronunciation would be very similar too. It's the "noor" part that means "light", not the "oor". It's an Arabic word. "Kohi-i-noor" is the whole thing. Latin : aurum = Gold, aurora = light of the morning Italian: oro = gold French: or = gold

Kohinoor Diamond

Place names in Ireland (i.e., Cnoc an 贸ir)

There is a place in Ireland called Knockanore in County Waterford. The name Knockanore is derived from the Irish Cnoc an Fh贸mhair, or Cnoc an 贸ir, which translates as "The Hill of Autumn/Gold". There is another place in Co. Galway, Ireland called Cnoc An 贸ir.

Kohinoor - Persian aspects

There are two words: Persian kooh = mountain, and Arabic noor = light. The two words are in Persian combined by the particle 'e' to 'kooh e noor' = mountain of light. There is another very famous diamond, the Darya ye Noor = sea of light (e > ye after vowel); darya is Persian. Both of the names are of Persian origin. Noor is also well known in personal names, e.g. Noor ed Din = light of the religion.

Kohinoor - image

The Kohinoor diamond is one the most famous diamonds in the world. It comes from India and is currently part of the British crown jewels.

Kohinoor Diamond

Kohinoor / Cnoc an 贸ir - references

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