Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "T9"

Transportrichtung transport direction

Transportriemen (Like to see an explanatory image and an English term for Transportriemen >>)

Transportseil transportation cable

Transportweg (auf dem Transportweg) in transit, transport path, routing path

trennen (elec) (~ ab) isolate, interrupt, disjoin, (Hütte) to size (nach Korngrossen), separate, grade (into sizes), cut, part, (computer HW, elec) disconnect, (vom Netz trennen) disconnect from mains/grid/power system, (physically separate) isolate, (remove device from process) remove
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trennten (trennten sich vom Netz) disconnected themselves from the mains, disconnected

Trennschaltverstärker switch amplifier
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