Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "R14"

Rückwirkung reaction, retrospective effect, retroactive effect, effect, feedback, (#Semiconductors) feedback effect
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Rückenlehnenmanschette back support bellow (chair), backrest cuff, backrest sleeve, back cuff

Rückenlehnenmechanik back support mechanism (chair), backrest machanism, backrest machanics

Rückenpolster cushioned back (chair), back pad, backrest padding, backrest cushion, cushion, back upholstery

Ruhestromaufnahme idling current (consumption), quiescent current (consumption), closed-circuit current (consumption), standby current (consumption)

Rundumtor (Like to see an explanatory image and English terms for Rundumtor >>)

rutschen slipping, slide, skid, slip

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