Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "P15"

Prüfstelle (benannte Prüfstelle, notified body), (trains) test center, test station, test position, testing agency, testing laboratory, checkpoint

Prüfüberdruck excess pressure, test overpressure

Prüfung (document) checked by, audit, (apparatus) check, (Q-Prüfung, quality control), control, test, (zur Prüfung), (Electronic design) validated, for testing, examination, (~ der Ware, inspection of goods), inspection, analyzed, verified, scrutiny, (#trucks) service, (accounting) review

Prüfzeit testing time, test period
(more English terms for "Prüfzeit")

pulsbreitenmoduliert pulse-duration modulated, pulse-width modulated

Pultfunktion console function

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