Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "M3"

Matrizen matrices (maths), matrixes (tools), dies (machine tool), die plates, moulds, stencils

Maulschlüssel (Like to see an explanatory image and English terms for Maulschlüssel >>)

Mauszeigerposition cursor position, mouse cursor position, mouse pointer position, mouse cursor, (die aktuelle Mauszeigerposition) the current location of the mouse, where the mouse cursor is located

Mauszeigerweg cursor path, mouse pointer path

Mechanik mechanical parts, mechanical components, mechanical principles, mechanism, mechanical system, mechanical systems, mechanical engineering, mechanics, mechanical, mechanical concepts, mechanical equipment
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Mehrpreis surcharge, extra charge, additional expenses, additional charges, additional cost, increased costs, additional price, further costs

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