Magnetscheider magnetic separator

Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "M1"

magnetisch magnetic, magnetically, magnetized, (ESD, EMC) (magnetischen Wechselfeld) magnetoquasistatic field, (less common) time-varying magnetic field, (magnetisch-induktiven Durchfluss-Kontrollgeräte) electromagnetic flowmeters, (magnetisch geschirmt) resistant to magnetic fields, (magnetisch vorgeschwächt) to age by demagnetization, (nicht magnetisch) nonmagnetic
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Magnetscheider magnetic separator, magnetic grader, eddy current separator, (Überband-Magnetscheider) magnetic belt separator

Magnettrennung magnetic separator, magnetic separation

manuelle Entriegelung manual operation, manual unlocking system, manual unlocking device, manual release, (Nach manueller Entriegelung ...) After manually releasing ... , (manuelle Entriegelung) released by hand, manual unlocking feature
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Maschine (aviation) aircraft, airplane, plane, (printing) press, system, ancillary equipment, plant, machinery, equipment, (in Maschinen- und Anlagenbau) industrial machinery and systems, machine
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Maßbild dimensional drawing, detail drawing, dimensions, drawing, outline drawing, illustration, dimensional diagram

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