Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "E6"

Eingangswert input value, input

eingebaut built-in, fitted, integral, (eingebaute Lampe) integrated flash, integrated, installed, embedded, attached, incorporated, are part of

eingedreht screwed in, turned in, twisted in, wind into, tightened, inserted, screwed in place, seated, screw into

eingeschraubt screwed, screwed-in, screwed in, screwed in place, tightened, installed, inserted

eingewiesen (Would you like to see English terms for eingewiesen >> and a sample translation in German and English?)

Einhärtetiefe hardening depth, surface hardness depth (SHD), surface hardening depth (SHD), (Wkst) hardness penetration depth, depth of hardened layer

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