Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "D9"

Druckspindel (Would you like to see an explanatory image and English terms for Druckspindel >>)

Druckstück thrust piece, pressure piece, plunger, pressure unit, thrust washer, thrust tappet, tappet, block, pusher head, span rider; printed matter, report (document)

Dübel dowel, rawl plug, plug, wall plug, anchor

durchdrehend spinning (wheel), slipping (Spannzange, collet), (durchdrehender Betrieb) multi-turn operation, (durchdrehende Armaturen) multi-turn valves, (durchdrehende Betätigung) continuous rotation, (durchdrehende oder rutschende Räder) wheelspinning or wheel-slipping, (durchdrehender Betrieb) rotary operation, continuous, which can do complete revolutions, fully rotational (table)

Durchdringung (CAD Durchdringung of parts) interference, collision, penetration, piercing

durchfallen falling through, fall through, falling, fall on, fail (inspection, test), dropping, pass through (a sieve)

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