Abschneidevorrichtung cutter

Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "A6"

abschließbar lockable, able to be locked, can be locked, can be sealed, (nicht abschließbar) not possible to close (transactions), can be concluded (contract), can be completed (works), padlockable, can be secured, with lock (e.g. door) secure (transactions)

Abschneidevorrichtung cutter, cutting mechanism, cutting device, extrudate cutter

Abschottung (markets) compartmentalization, (market) compartmentalized, isolation (social), (markets) partitioning, (markets) closing off, separation (social), cut off from (social), encapsulation (mech), partitioning (IT)

abschranken errect barriers in front of them, cordon off

Absicherung (quantitatve Absicherung) getting the numbers right, assurance, protection, security, fusing, safety fuse

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