Glossar Maschinenbau, Deutsch-Englisch - "A25"

aufliegt lies, lies on, make contact with, touches, (lose aufliegt) is released, stops against, is located against, attached to, (a cover) is extended over, leans against, is sealed, (seal) rests on, supporting, placed on, (seal) seated on

Aufnehmerflansch sensor flange, transducer flange

aufpuffern (welding) to bead, (welding) to butter, build up by welding, buffering

Aufriss elevation, outline, section, sketch, (data) drilldown, (information) breakdown, (information) break down, detailed view, (building) elevation, (description) review, (building) layout

Aufspann chucking, clamping, opening, tooling, gripping, set-up, adapter, fixturing, fixture, resetting, (transformer) step-up, (machine tools) jig, jigging

Aufspannmittel (Möchten Sie ein Bild und englische Fachbegriffe für Aufspannmittel >> sehen?)

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