Beratungsleistung consultancy service

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Glossar der Informationstechnologie - "B8"

Beratungsleistung consultancy service

Berechnungszeitpunkt time of computation

berechtigt authorized

Berechtigungskonzept authorization concept

Berechtigungsprüfung authorization checking

Bereich (wind zone) zone, (HF-Bereich) HF band, (Im Bereich) In the field of/for use in/for/in/in the … sector/near/approx./between, (im Bereich) at/in the field of/for use in/for/in/in the … sector/is/concerning/near/on the order of/approx./between, (marketing) space, (explosionsgefährdeter Bereich) hazardous area, (Ex-Bereich)ex area, (Speicherbereich: memory domain), domain, factor, technology, area, surface, order, on the order of, range, field, sector, section, division, department, business segment, (of a company, e.g. business unit) arm, systems and solutions, area, application, applications

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