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Having worked for many years as a professional engineer and computer programmer in the UK and Germany, I moved on to technical translating and interpreting. I then became involved in proofreading and have proofed multiple scientific research papers in English, especially in Electronics and RF technology.

As an engineer I was primarily involved in software development in control engineering in the process and manufacturing industries. As a translator I have specialist knowledge of instrumentation and extensive knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, automation systems and information technology. I translate texts covering topics such as, measurement & control, truck parts, solar, biogas, warehouses, RF radar, electronics (chip design) , neural networks, and the like. I translate business-related, technical-scientific, and academic texts.

Over the years I have amassed a substantial database of technical terms in German and English, and the use of term-based software ensures that there is continuity of terminology in the texts I translate. In my work I concentrate a lot on terminology: devising new ways of automating its use, continually updating my database, and ensuring the right terms are picked for the subject matter at hand.

Since English is my native language, I translate mostly from German into English. In addition, I proofread English texts for a number of Universities. I also offer technical translations into French.

I would be glad to hear from you should you have a need for my translating or proofreading services.

Martin Forrestal

Rotheweg 181
33102 Paderborn
Tel.:  +49 5251 407763

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