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Visual Basic Macros

Visual Basic Tutorial - Macros for Microsoft Word

In these pages you'll find examples of how to use Visual Basic macros. This is a tutorial for Visual Basic Macros. I have based these examples on my own use of Visual Basic. These are practical examples that have worked for me.

Here is a list of available macros. These macros are particularly useful when translating documents from German to English.

- A list of available macros:

Teacher & pupil

Drag & Drop Macro

This is a macro written in Visual Basic to run on Microsoft Word

It moves marked pieces of texts to before the next period, colon , ?, !, carriage return or new line in a document. It is most useful for swapping pieces of text within sentences. In other words, mark a few words in a sentence, call this macro, and it will automatically move the marked words to the end of the sentence.

There may be some bugs in it and it may not work under all circumstances, but it shouldn't be too bad.

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