Physics - Spacetime and Gravitation I

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Physics - Spacetime and Gravitation I

Reference: Spacetime and Gravitation by W. Kopczynski and A. Trautmann Wiley © 1992

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Residual microwave radiation at a temperature of 2.7 K was discovered recently (Penzias and Wilson, 1965). This radiation, interpreted as a remnant of the hot development period of the Universe, is emphatic evidence for the Friedmann cosmological models, and it contributed to the renunciation of the static model of the Universe.

It is now possible to measure quite accurately the deflection and delay of electromagnetic waves in the Sun's gravitational field. These measurements confirm Einstein's theory.

A count of distant radio galaxies confirms Friedmann's evolutionary cosmological models. A similar conclusion can be drawn from an analysis of helium content in the Universe.

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