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Facts from Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing

********* Manufacturing *************

Machine tools      Machine tools are the machinery used to process various materials in order to get desired shapes and properties.

Automation is a technology in which a process or procedure is accomplished by means of programmed instructions usually combined with automatic feedback control to ensure the proper execution of the instructions.

Production automation can be defined as a technology concerned with the application of mechanical, electronic, and computer-based systems to operate and control production.

A flexible automation system is one that is capable of producing a variety of products (or parts) with minimal lost time for changeover from one product to the next.

Manufacturing lead time is the time between customer order and delivery of the finished product.

An industrial robot can be defined as a general-purpose programmable machine possessing certain anthropomorphic characteristics.

Fixture A fixture is a device used for positioning and holding a workpiece in a specified three-dimensional space.

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