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Just a few thoughts that come to mind on the topic of energy.

I think there should be (more) emphasis on conserving energy and less on searching for new energy sources, such as new oil and gas fields, nuclear power stations, or even renewable energy sources. We should try to reduce the use of fuel, i.e. burn less of the worlds natural resources such as, coal, oil and gas.

Some steps in this direction could be:

· cutting back the level of wasteful consumption by all of us

· reducing the multiplicity of consumer goods on offer

· cutting back on some of the vast packaging and marketing efforts for consumer goods

· promoting the use of public means of transport instead of private means of transport

· considering the use of innovative means of public transport, such as flat ground-based conveyors in some public places (as you have already in some airport terminals)

· more public and collective transportation of goods

Being a bit technically minded I'm thinking about the energy, environmental (and quality of life) benefits here. There are of course major economic and political ramifications to be considered - but I'll leave them to the economists and politicians :)

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