Aritificial Intelligence - Part 6

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Aritificial Intelligence Review - Part 6

Constructions are mappings between schematic representations of form (phonological schemas) and meaning (conceptual schemas).

Constructional analysis is the process of determining which constructions are instantiated by a particular utterance in a situational context. It is thus analogous to parsing in traditional systems, but also incorporates meaning throughout, and its output is not merely a set of structures (analogous to a parse tree) but also a semantic specification that indicates which embodied schemas are evoked by the constructions and how they are related.

The ability to simulate or imagine situations is a core component of human intelligence and is central to our model of language.


Structured Connectionist Models of Language, Cognition and Action
Nancy Chang, Jerome Feldman and Srini Narayanan
International Computer Science Institute,
Berkeley, CA 94704, USA

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