TS Transport System - Dimensions

TS Transport System - Dimensions

These are the major and minor dimensions in the TS system. Major dimensions are for the overall trolley and its frame and for some of the main components in the system, whereas minor dimensions are internal dimensions and distances between parts in the system and for the size of parts. Later more dimensions will be added. Dimensional drawings will also need to be added. Dimensions and sketches/drawings will evolve as the design progresses.

The dimensions are for a full-scale initial prototype model of the TS system. This will be a room-size system, which will be easy to handle during testing. The sketches referred to in the write-up are not to scale and are designed to show the system set-up and methods of operation rather than the actual scale and size of the system. There is one sketch at the moment, which is drawn at a scale of 9.6:1: this is a sketch of the side view of the trolley. This sketch gives an indication of the actual size and structure of the system and of the proportionalities at play in the design. The comrade of this sketch gives details of the system parts and their names, but it is not to scale.

N.B. For completeness sake, the actual dimensions for the sketch drawn at the scale of 9.6:1 are also provided.

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