General style - Part 11

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General examples of style in English usage - Part 11

Notes on Writing Style in English.

These are notes I made while translating from German into English. They are things that crop up again and again, and are worth noting down.

Examples of capitalization after a colon:

- The rule may be stated thus: Always . . .

- . . . it will protect you from viruses: The program won't even allow you to . . .

[time: s, min, h, d] (no periods in sing. or plural)

- Eq. (1b) (how to abbreviate "Equation" in scientific writing)

- 200,000 (note position of comma)

- 1000 (no comma used)

- €400 (not €400,-- (which is how it's written in German)

- [and/or] (no space at either side of "/")

- [inside/outside] (no space at either side of "/") .

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