Examples of writing on software - Part 8

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Examples of English Language Usage in the field of software - Part 8

Give read-write access to the directory proot/INA.

If you have specified a different username in the Terminal Program, set the respective FTP username here.

A concurrent program is a set of sequential programs that execute simultaneously on a computer in which processes communicate via shared variables and are able to call a centralized operating system to receive a service.

A real-time program is a program whose execution is subject to real-time constraints on response time. (or to put it more simply : A real-time program is a program that runs in real time!).

Tasks execute asynchronously but are scheduled by a preemptive scheduler, which interrupts a running process if a higher priority task becomes ready to execute.

If large block transfers of data - especially at high speed - are required, the software overhead is very high and can dramatically decrease the average system performance.

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