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Examples of English language usage in texts on control systems

Limitations on manipulated variables reduce the operating window. Interaction can significantly modify the range of achievable steady state operating conditions, termed the operating window.

The control system connects to data logging devices.

The control system design problem is to determine an automatic control algorithm such that the relationship between a command input r(t) and the output y(t) yields acceptable performance in terms of tracking, stability, uncertain inputs, and so forth.

The part programs generated with CAM software must be postprocessed into the format of the specific CNC to be used and downloaded to the machine, where it can be edited if necessary.

Each controller exerts control over it's control loop(s).

This parameter indicates the current value of the active setpoint.

This parameter selects/de-selects the RaPID control feature, which optimizes the PID algorithm for impulse changes in the process variable.

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