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There are at least two distinct notions of 'meaning', the most important one, that is to say the notion most commonly deployed in ordinary discourse ...

Now in some cases, such a description will yield determinate meaning and reference.

It can be tenable to acknowledge a kind of meaning.

This militates strongly against identifying the recognitional capacity with a description, given that any description which the individual will be able to formulate will be far from detailed enough to pick out the right object alone.

Hence part of the motivation for using the notion of recognitional capacities is to avoid the need to find some descriptive means of capturing an individuals behaviour.

The public meaning of a term and the meaning with which it is imbued by ordinary speakers.

Recent research has shown ...

Prosidically, the doubt and uncertainty is manifested in an initial rising pitch shape.

The rise-fall slopes that exemplify the pattern of uncertainty and acceptance that is characteristic of surprise.

Another unexpected test result is that, contrary to what we anticipated, the expression of definiteness and hesitation seem to be the hardest to acknowledge in our test.

This suggests that there was a mismatch in the concepts of definiteness and hesitation.

... emotion and intention tracking.

In short, human beings can generally make robust judgements about what information fragments are, or are not about, even when the fragments are brief, or incomplete.

This is not only interesting from a cognitive point of view, but also opens the door to computationally tractable inference mechanisms.

In order to deploy the information flow model in an experimental setting, the query topics must be analyzed for concept combination. Pilot experiments show that the boosting heuristic performs better than the use of only query models without boosting query terms.

This value produced best performance during a series of pilot studies.

More experimentation is needed to bear this out.

The research presented in this article is motivated from a psychologistic perspective on information inference.

The degree of inclusion is computed in terms of the ratio of intersecting quality properties of i c and j c to the number of quality properties in the source i c:

This value produced best performance during a series of pilot studies.

It is notable that the information flow model without feedback outperforms the Markov chain model with feedback.

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