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Typical phrases used by academics in published articles

Examples of good writing style

These are phrases that occur in all types of scholarly articles.

In this study we investigate ....

An even more striking duo is the ...

..., as evidenced by many researchers.

The latest developments are covered in the current literature, conference proceedings, etc.

The techniques are computationally tractable.

(For ease of exposition, i c Å will be referred to as c because combinations of concepts are also concepts).

Problems such as acid rain and ozone depletion are well documented in the literature.

Although the literature offers a great variety of project selection procedures, each organization has its own special methods.

The central thesis of this chapter is that truly effective coordination in cooperative design requires an integrated approach wherein dependencies across all the dimensions of design distribution are modeled and managed in a single computational framework.

If they will, your adjective "mere" seems to be ill-placed." A rule to which future events have a tendency to conform is ipso facto an important thing.

ipso facto: adv. 1 by that very fact or act. 2 thereby. (Latin)

Section 3 briefly reviews the basic concepts in the situation calculus and logic programming. Section 4 considers the semantics of cut. Section 5 concludes this paper.

A worked out example

. are covered amply in the literature.

They can be consulted in the cited literature.

We provide practical evidence for the efficiency of the embedding technique.

A comprehensive review of this research can be found in [3, 4, 7].

The results presented in this paper lay the foundation for extending the existing theory to ...

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