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Examples of English language usage in texts on mathematics - Part 2

Phase measurements can be done with probably 1% accuracy.

This yields an observational accuracy - in case the ambiguity N can be properly determined - in the millimeter range!

* *

Substituting (1.4) in (1.3) and rearranging terms yields the identity observer

x = [A - GC] x + [B - GD]u + Gy

These equations must be solved online to yield x and y. The resulting controller is

u = R - kx - ky

* *

Solution of Eq. (3.4) with initial conditions as given by Eq. (3.3) yields...

The mean camber line of an airfoil is the locus of points halfway between the upper and lower surfaces. The variation of thickness along the mean camber line is termed the thickness distribution.

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