Traghaken support hook

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Truck Parts Glossary (Deutsch / Englisch) - "T3"

Träger (#Electronics) substrate, (Skala), backing, (telecoms, control) carrier, (of expertise) repository, (e.g. baggage) person carrying the, (unter Deckel) backing, (Trucks - to end) carrier, support, bracket, holder, suspension, mount, mounting, member, rail, beam, bearer, cradle
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Trägerfahrzeug truck, transport vehicle

Traghaken support hook

Traglager support bearing, supporting bearing

Tragrohr (process piping) tube element, stay pipe, (Fahrgestell - chassis) axle tube, suspension tube, bracing tube (Oberleitungsbus - trolley bus) trolley pole

Transparent slide, transparent foil or (film), transparent

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