Spannwinde tension winch

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Truck Parts Glossary (Deutsch / Englisch) - "S13"

Spannprofil tensioning section

Spannschloss tension sleeve, tension clasp, screw shackle, (stay) tightener, swivel, rod strainer, stretching screw or bolt, spanner turnbuckle, (rail electrification) turnbuckle, tension lock

spannungsfrei tension-free, free of stresses, free of stress, (elec) de-energized
(more English terms for spannungsfrei)

Spannvorichtung clamping device, tensioning device (Riemen/Kette - belt/chain) tensioning device, tensioner, tension adjusting device; tensioner adjuster; tensioner adjusting device

Spannwinde tension winch

Sperrplate interlock plate, lock plate, locking o. check plate (Schaltung - gear shift mechanism) lock o. interlock plate

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