Laufrolle roller

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Truck Parts Glossary (Deutsch / Englisch) - "L5"

Lastzug trailer train, (Lkw - truck) lorry-trailer combination (GB), lorry-trailer unit (GB), lorry-trailer (GB)

Latzprofil lap profile

Laufrolle wheel, pulley, roller

Lebensdauer (Electronic Design) mean time to failure (MTTF), (Electronic Design) time to failure (lifetime), (Electronic Design) service life duration, service life, service[able] life, longevity, service life, design life, running o. working life, length of life, life, useful life, fatigue life, lifetime, lifespan, life span, endurance life, (trains) durability

Lecksuchspray leak detection spray

leichtgängig easy-running

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