Ladesicherung load safety device

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Truck Parts Glossary (Deutsch / Englisch) - "L2"

Ladeeinrichtung (American rail + plural) loading gear, loading equipment o. facilities, charging device or equipment, charger

Laderampe loading bay

Ladesicherung load safety device

Ladungssicherung load securing system, load safety device (Lkw - truck): securing o. fastening o. bracing of the cargo, cargo shift protection, protection against shifting cargo

Lager thrust bearing, bearing (Halterung - support) mount, mounting, bearing, support, bearing assembly, bracket, holder, suspension, (Raum - room) stores, depot, magazine, storage, (Warenbestand - stock) stock, storing, storage, warehousing, warehouse

Lagerbock bracket, support, mounting, holder, suspension, mount (swivel fixed pivot) bracket ?

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