Auflieger semitrailer


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Truck Parts Glossary - "A8"

Auflage order, (printing) run/edition/circulation, (Studium) requirement, conditions, (Legal) requirement rule, (beh√∂rdliche Auflage) mandatory rules, overlay (e.g. layer of paint), rest, (Stütz) support, bracket, holder, suspension, mount, mounting


auflegen (Buch) to publish, (Buch) to print, (Buch) to bring out, (Buch) issue; put in place, place, position, (e.g. cable) place, (cables) terminate, (Tel) hang up, (Tel) replace

Auflieger semitrailer

Aufliegerplatte plate

Aufnahme (ICs) (zur Aufnahme) to pattern/to hold, (camera) imaging/shot, (IC Layout) image, integration, inclusion of, entry in, (software) adding, pick-up, hold, photograph, picture taken, (sensors) drive, recording, rave and support, retaining, receiver, absorption, consumption, support, receiving, attachment, bracket, support, mounting, holder, (mech) (trucks) mount

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