Ausschub swing clearance


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Truck Parts Glossary (Deutsch / Englisch) - "A12"

Ausleger extension arm, (Kran) cantilever, boom, (Wkz) radial arm, Bohrgerüst side arm, bracket, cantilever bracket, (railways) cantilever, cantilever beam, beam

Ausschub swing clearance

Aussenkante outside edge

ausspachteln smooth, level out

ausstatten (ausstatten lassen) can have the x fitted with, to fit, fitting up, equipping, issue, outfit

Ausstattung feature, configuration, equipment, allowance, fitment, fitting up, (for train interiors) fittings, (trains) interior, (automobile) equipment components, (Vorrichtuung - device) installation, system, facility, device

Automobilindustrie automobile industry, car industry, automotive industry

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