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Query term: physikalisch
Topic: Elektrotechnik
German: Grundlage
English: (plural, heading) Basic Principles, (gute Grundlage) it bodes well for, (governs), crucial, background, (for singular) basis, are based on, is based on, (for singular) basic principle/aspect, (Grundlagen der Messtechnik) basic concepts in metrology, (for plural) basics, (for plural) Fundamentals/Introduction/mechanisms, (Heading) Fundamentals, (Heading) (Physikalische Grundlagen) Physical Fundamentals, (physikalischen Grundlagen) fundamentals, (for plural) fundamentals, (for plural) principles, (for plural) theoretical principles, (for plural) fundamental information

Query term: physikalisch
Topic: instruments
German: Entwurf
English: (IC layout) (physikalische Entwurf) design/layout design, designed, Design, designing, draft (einer Vorschrift DIN), (IC layout) (ESD) design flow/design/(of a layout) generation, (IC layout) design methodology, study, plan, sketch (DIN/VDE/IEC/CEE)

Query term: physikalisch
Topic: mechanics
German: Größe
English: crucial, (physikalische ~ ) (engineering ~) unit, quantity, size, footprint, (control, maths, cameras) signal/input/output/quantity/(?) value/variable

Query term: physikalisch
Topic: mechanics
German: physikalisch
English: (maths) (Größe, quantity) physical, (Einheit, Größe, unit, variable) engineering, (physikalische Größen, physikalische Einheiten) engineering units, physical, mechanical

Query term: physikalisch
Topic: microelectronics
German: quantenphysikalische
English: more quantum physical

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