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Some thoughts on new features needed:

Differentiating between words at the left of a page and in the middle of text

Need some means of handling words that can occur at the left of a page or in the middle of text. The difference here is that a word at the left of the page will not have a space before it, whereas a word placed somewhere else in the page will have a space before it. It might be a good idea to use a regular expression here.

Problems associated with gradually replacing German terms with English ones during a replacement run

Problems of having English terms mixed throughout the text as the replacement run is progressing. This means that pure German context will not be picked up sometimes as it will have English words mixed in with it.

Some ways of getting round this difficulty could be:

Use of regular expressions

Use regular expressions to allow any number of characters between target term and context term, e.g.

target term*context term

Also, be able to use spaces to make sure a context term is not just part of a word.

Case and capitalization

Method to recognize "case" and "capitalization" for a context term.

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